Accessibility Enhancement


Trails Accessibility Program - Florida

Taking measurements and notes on trail conditions

Florida’s program supports the building of trails that increase recreational opportunities for people of all abilities.

The Florida Office of Greenways and Trails recognized the need to emphasize accessibility for trail users and has used the RTP to help increase trail-related opportunities for all citizens.

Accessibility has always been a part of Florida’s Recreational Trails Program and is woven into all aspects of the Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Greenways and Trails RTP activities. As part of this focus on accessibility, Florida made good use of the Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP).

The UTAP utilizes funding from the Recreational Trails Program to introduce participants to recreational trail accessibility issues.

Universal Trail Assessment Process training

Universal Trail Assessment Process training

Participants learn how to map trails as to cross-slope, grade, obstacles, and trail width, as well as how to use all this newfound information. UTAP is not only an accessibility assessment tool, but also a management tool. In addition, participants learn how trail sustainability and accessibility are interrelated.

All RTP project sponsors are invited to participate. RTP administrative funds cover the cost of both the UTAP tool kits and the TrailWare computer programs, which are sent home with each project sponsor at the completion of the UTAP Coordinator Training

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