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Where would you be without trails?

It is a simple question, but we find it to be one worth pondering. If any of you are like us, the longer you sit with this question, the more you will discover the overwhelming impact that trails have on our lives. Often in very unexpected ways.

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Trails Fund and Insurance program

A Joint Initiative of American Trails and Conservation United, Inc.

An emerging grant program known as the “Trails Fund” serves the dual goals of bringing insurance expertise and continuity to the trails industry, while leveraging insurance commission and premium.

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Robert Frost and Stewart Udall in 1962

Robert Frost and Stewart Udall in 1962

"A national trail is indeed a portal to the past. But it is also an inroad to our national character. It tells us how we got where we are. Our trails are both irresistible and indispensable... It is up to all of us who care so deeply for the future of this great country to join in this uniquely American undertaking of building, maintaining and protecting these unique treasures. I hope you will join me, for the sake of the generations to come."

-- Stewart Udall, "The National Trail System: A Grand Experiment" (2008), Mr. Udall represented Arizona in the U.S. House from 1953 until President Kennedy appointed him Secretary of Interior in 1961.

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