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Are you worried about the future of our trails and public lands, but not sure what you can do? Calling your congressional delegation about trails issues is one of the most powerful things we can do as individuals.


4 Tips to Becoming an Advocacy Leader

Here are 4 of our best tips from about how to make a difference in protecting the places you love:

  • Elected officials want to hear from you. Remember: you voted them into office and you can vote them out, so they want to know what you think. The more personalized your contact, the more impact it has. The one exception might be social media, because…
  • Social media has a lot of bang for its buck: We recently learned that just 30 comments on social media can get a policymaker’s attention, since they rely on social media to gauge what their constituents are saying. So your late-night Facebook posts actually do make a difference.
  • Just a few people can make an impact. On big issues, policymakers might hear from thousands of people, but on others, hearing from a dozen people might be enough to influence the outcome. Your letter, tweet, or signature could be the tipping point.
  • Keep up with the issues you care about: Get relevant advocacy opportunities right in your inbox by checking by checking in with our national partners.

How to Contact Your Representatives About Trail Issues

You don’t need to be an expert on the issue, but the more people who call and talk about the importance of trails in their daily lives, the more likely your representative is to notice. It really does work!

So, take five minutes and call your representatives’ offices—you can even call while on a walk enjoying the trails, public lands, and local parks you love.


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Contacting Your Congressional Delegation

  1. Follow this link
  2. Enter your home address
  3. Your Representative and Senators will be listed along with the contact number for their D.C. office. We strongly encourage you to call.

First Time Calling? Here are some Tips!

  1. Introduce yourself, where you are from in the district/state, why you are calling.
  2. Mention your personal connection to trails and public lands in your state, local parks in your community, vacations to a nearby Forest/National Park/BLM land, hunting trips, horse/ATV/bike rides you’ve taken, importance to your business, etc.
  3. Ask your Member of Congress to do whatever it takes to make sure that they sponsor, vote, and act in support of the positive trails legislation being considered.
  4. Thank the person you are speaking to for their time and for passing on your concerns.

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