We'd like to introduce the Board of Directors of American Trails and tell you more about these committed trails activists. Click on a board member's name to read their bio.


American Trails Executive Committee

Marianne Fowler
2nd Vice-Chair
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC)
Washington, DC

American Trails Directors

Jan Hancock
Phoenix, AZ
Hancock Resources LLC
Phoenix, AZ

Bob Walker
Clancy, Montana

American Trails Advisors

Roger Bell
Redlands, CA

Nathan Caldwell
Falls Church, VA

Christopher Douwes
Federal Highway Administration
Washington, District of Columbia

Mylon Filkins, DVM
Bakersfield, CA

Stuart Macdonald
La Conner, WA

Robert (Bob) Searns
Chair Emeritus
Robert Searns and Associates, Inc.
Littleton, Colorado

Rodger Schmitt
Port Townsend, WA

American Trails Staff

Mike Passo
Executive Director
American Trails
Bellingham, WA

Candace Gallagher
Director of Operations
American Trails
Redding, CA

Cathy Corlett
Director of Strategic Communications
American Trails
Portland, OR

Kayla Robinson
HR and Administrative Coordinator
American Trails
Redding, CA

Sue Crowe
Database Coordinator
American Trails
Redding, CA