Wayfinding Signs: Who, What, When, Where, and Why

Wayfinding signs are the perfect way to easily communicate with trail users and keep them safe and oriented on the trail.

by Taylor Goodrich, Communication and Media Specialist, American Trails

What are Wayfinding Signs and Who Needs Them?

A wayfinding sign is simply any kind of sign that gives direction to those reading it. These signs exist not only for trails but in many everyday spaces such as city streets, retail establishments, and hospitals. The purpose of wayfinding signs are to help people be easily oriented to new spaces, find their destination with minimum stress and without getting lost, locate points of interest such as restrooms, and discover information in an easy to digest way.

When and Where are Wayfinding Signs Necessary?

When planning a new trail or park project wayfinding signs should be part of the planning process. However, it is never too late to put in wayfinding signage. Listen to your trail users. If an issue continually comes up that could be helped with an easy to understand sign, that would be an ideal place for a wayfinding sign. If users often express getting lost or confused at a certain area of the trail, this would be a great place to put up a wayfinding sign. If there are historic or culturally significant areas along a trail, such as a pioneer cemetery or bird watching lookout, wayfinding signs can help users easily find these areas without carrying cumbersome maps or trail guides.

Keep in mind amenities you would like to point trail users towards. If new amenities are added, such as new restrooms or picnic areas, these can be added to wayfinding signs. Local businesses are often aided by wayfinding signs pointing out amenities they provide, such as food, bike repair, or lodging. Some trail organizations are able to work with businesses to create signs and secure funding through this mutually beneficial arrangement.

Why use Wayfinding Signs?

Wayfinding signs are a practical and easy way to communicate with trail users. The ease with which well-done wayfinding signs can be understood means the flow of trail users won’t be interrupted by users stopping to read the signs. These signs can be understood while remaining in motion. Proper signage along a trail helps maintain user safety, cut down on user conflict, and keep users informed and connected while they travel the trail. Additionally, using consistent signage can be a way to promote brand recognition for your trail.

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Wayfinding signs help orient trail users and direct them to points such as beaches and overlooks.

Wayfinding signs help orient trail users and direct them to points such as beaches and overlooks.

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