FAQ: What are the BEST hiking trails?

Top 10 hiking trails

by American Trails Staff

Palisades Long Path Trail, NJ; photo by Anthony Taranto

This is a staff selection based on years of working with these organizations. Of course you will get different lists from different people. Without any criteria for selection "best" trails we picked what we think is important: first, longer trails with great scenic experiences, but also sustainability and community involvement. There are another 100 trails that should be recognized on those criteria.

Here is our Top 10 Hiking Trails list. What these trails have in common an active and essential volunteer organization to care for each of these trails, to promote safety and stewardship, to work with the land managing agencies, produce guidebooks and maps, and help deal with the ongoing problems of maintaining these great trails while planning for their future preservation.

The National Recreation Trails (NRT) Program recognizes the diversity of trails across America that connect people to local resources and improve their quality of life. More than 1,000 trails have been designated on Federal, State, local, and privately owned land throughout the country to pick from!

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