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posted Mar 16, 2018

Trail Towns: Creating Memorable Destinations for Trail Users

Enhancing communities to benefit more from trail tourism along the Great Allegheny Passage in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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posted Aug 2, 2018

FAQ: The difference between a National Historic, Scenic and Recreation Trail

by American Trails Staff

The difference is usually ones of scale, significance, and administration responsibility and how they are designated.

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posted Jul 17, 2018

FAQ: What are the BEST hiking trails?

by American Trails Staff

Top 10 hiking trails

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posted Apr 24, 2018

Closing Gaps in the East Coast Greenway

by Chuck Flink with Greenways Incorporated

The ECG Alliance focuses on completing the long-distance system of trails and bike routes.

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posted Feb 4, 2020

Appalachian Trail Conservation Guidebook

by Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

A Conservation Guidebook For Communities Along The Appalachian National Scenic Trail

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posted Nov 16, 2018

Discovering the North Country Trail

by Taylor Goodrich with American Trails

Dedicated volunteers are working to improve and complete the trail that runs across seven northern states.

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posted Mar 27, 2018

National Scenic Trails

National Scenic Trail is a designation for trails that consist of trails of particular natural beauty. They are among America's most iconic trails.

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