Information Management Skills and Competencies

Database management; website development; trail and facility inventories; trail assessment and maintenance records; identifying and gathering needed information.

by American Trails Staff

Skills for Database Management

  • Identifying information needs for contacts, volunteers, projects, maintenance, etc.
  • Creating database structures for effective information management
  • Managing and maintaining databases
  • Developing agreements for data sharing and development

Skills for Website Development

  • Identifying information needs and goals for online information
  • Applying the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Apply National Trails System Act and related legislation for federally designated trails
  • Managing and maintaining websites

Skills for Geographic Information Systems

  • Using global positioning systems (GPS) to inventory trails and trail resources
  • Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for mapping and planning trails
  • Training staff and volunteers to gather and document data on trails

Skills for Accessibility and Trail Assessment

  • Manage information from Universal Trail Assessment Process reviews
  • Track information on projects and improvements needed to improve accessibility
  • Track information on trail maintenance and construction projects

Skills for Research

  • Research and document trail history in archives, publications, and oral sources