"Defensive Horse Safety" Training Course

From USDA Forest Service - Missoula Technology & Development Sponsor: Office of Safety and Occupational Health, Washington, DC

A presentation on remaining safe while performing such tasks as catching, leading, tying, grooming, bridling, and saddling stock.

by American Trails Staff

Nowhere is safety more important than when working around pack and saddlestock. The training course "Defensive Horse Safety" (0767Ð2W02ÐMTDC) presents valuable information on remaining safe while performing such tasks as catching, leading, tying, grooming, bridling, and saddling stock. Short video clips augment the text and add insight into proper safety practices.

What does it take to be safe around pack or saddlestock? This training course provides safety information and teaches basic horsemanship safety practices. The course serves as an introduction for those new to pack or saddlestock and as a refresher for more experienced stock users. It was designed to supplement an 8-hour training program that includes field "hands-on" instruction. Simply reviewing this material alone is not enough to qualify or certify you as competent to ride or work around pack or saddlestock. A novice stock user must also receive hands-on instruction from an experienced stock user.

Safety is the most critical objective. Your safety, the safety of your coworkers, the safety of the public, and property protection should be a part of every plan and every action you take. The U.S. Forest Service requires employees working for, or on behalf of, the agency receive training to safely perform the specific work they plan to do. Work supervisors need to make sure that personnel assigned to work with pack or saddlestock are competent in the task.

Attached document published October 2007

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