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Making Organizations Inclusive: Stories of Deaf Gain in the Outdoors

Upcoming: October 24, 2024

This webinar will provide you with some of the needed tools, understanding, and resources of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing so that you can be more inclusive, respectful, and successful.

Assessing and Advancing Belonging: Overcoming Roadblocks to Inclusion

Upcoming: September 26, 2024

This interactive workshop provides a framework for honestly evaluating your organization's or community's stage of inclusion.

Future of Facilitated Recreation

Upcoming: September 05, 2024

This session will explore challenges, opportunities, conversations and connections that are at the forefront of the profession of participant-facing facilitated recreation.

The OpenStreetMap US Trails Stewardship Initiative

Upcoming: August 22, 2024

This webinar will pull back the curtain on the data behind the apps, and share the challenges, efforts, and successes of the OpensStreetMap US Trail Stewardship Initiative and the community collaboration behind it.

Social Media: Better Engagement, Less Effort

Upcoming: August 15, 2024

This webinar will share social media efficiency tools that your team can start using to speed up your workflow, demonstrate their "Trial by Death" social media process, and share real world examples of great brand-first content creation that will help you start generating great (and easy) ideas.

Better Together, Forming a Regional Organization to Achieve Your Goals

Upcoming: August 08, 2024

A brief overview of how SORBA formed and operates and the benefits of organizations working together on the state and regional level.

Barn to Trail: Managing Sustainability on Equine Properties

Upcoming: August 01, 2024

Hosted in partnership with the Equine Land Conservation Resource, this webinar aims to introduce you to the fundamentals of managing a sustainable horse farm. This is part one of a two-part series related to sustainability.

Indigenous Placemaking Along Trails

Upcoming: July 25, 2024

Learn how indigenous operators have used trails to showcase traditional cultural experiences, ancient canoe routes, traditional culinary experiences, indigenous storytelling, along with many more.

Grants for Trails: Finding, Applying, and Managing

July 18, 2024

Introduction to grant funding for trails: how to find, apply for, and manage grants.

Using Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies and Other Events to Build Congressional Support for Trails and RTP

July 11, 2024

Learn how to host trail ribbon cutting ceremonies and other events to attract support for trails from decision makers - including Members of Congress.

National Trails Legislative Update 2024

June 27, 2024

Review the status of current legislation that impacts the trails community and our work and learn how you can help advocate for funding and policies that will have positive impacts on our trails.

The Trail Partnership Research Project

June 20, 2024

This webinar reviews the findings from a study with the Forest Service and National Park Service discussing the factors that make partnerships more or less successful and provides recommendations to improve current and future partnerships.