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posted Sep 5, 2018

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) Stepping Up Stewardship

VOC announces their Stepping Up Stewardship Toolkit: a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive set of resources specifically designed to help other groups and organizations start or expand their volunteer programs.

  • tags: volunteers, maintenance, training
categories: Management and Maintenance, Volunteers

posted Aug 1, 2018

New York State's Erie Canalway Trail

Bringing new life to communities along a 200-year-old industrial corridor.

  • tags: long-distance, historic, partnerships, volunteers, shared-use, canal
categories: Advocacy and Promotion, Benefits of Trails

posted Jul 17, 2018

FAQ: Trash on trails

by American Trails Staff

Solutions to trash on trails

  • tags: faq, volunteers, environment
categories: Management and Maintenance, Volunteers

posted Jul 17, 2018

FAQ: What are the BEST hiking trails?

by American Trails Staff

Top 10 hiking trails

  • tags: faq, opinion, volunteers, long-distance
categories: General Interest

posted May 16, 2018

Backcountry Horsemen "Leave No Trace" Trainer Programs

by American Trails Staff

BCHA teaches Leave No Trace principles to stock users.

  • tags: wilderness, safety, preservation, equestrian, volunteers
categories: Management and Maintenance, Volunteers

posted Apr 23, 2018

Triad Partnership protects and manages the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin

by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The Ice Age Trail Triad shows that the federal government, a state agency, and a nonprofit can all work together to accomplish a lot more than they could if they worked on their own.

  • tags: partnerships, volunteers, conservation, operation
categories: Advocacy and Promotion, Partnerships, General Interest

posted Apr 23, 2018

Partnership works to improve Appalachian Trail in Bear Mountain State Park

by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Partners work to develop volunteers skills to improve heavily-used sections of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

  • tags: appalachian trail, partnerships, volunteers
categories: Advocacy and Promotion, Partnerships

posted Apr 20, 2018

Volunteers promote trails and equine rides for public in NJ

Lusscroft Farm has a network of trails that connects the site with additional trails in High Point State Park and Stokes State Forest. The major purpose of this event has been to reintroduce the concept of equine trail rides to this area of New Jersey.

  • tags: equestrian, volunteers, environment, historic
categories: Management and Maintenance, Volunteers, General Interest

posted Apr 18, 2018

Volunteers are making ambitious trail partnerships work

by Back Country Horsemen of America

Equestrians work with Forest Service and Conservation Corps for effective trail maintenance

  • tags: conservation corps, volunteers, partnerships
categories: Management and Maintenance, Volunteers, Advocacy and Promotion, Partnerships

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