Standing Boy Creek State Park Mountain Bike Trails Master Plan

June 2019

This master plan is a result of the entirety of IMBA TS site visits, with greater importance placed on those 2018 and 2019 planning and design site visits. The master plan represents industry best practices, professional expertise and experience, modern trail theory, and insights gained from numerous conversations with GA DNR, CVA-SORBA, and many others.

by IMBA Trail Solutions

Through collaborative planning and design with Chattahoochee Valley Area chapter of the Southern Off-Road Bicyclists Association and Georgia Department of Natural Resources this master plan was crafted to provide high quality trail experiences to wide variety of visitors. IMBA Trail Solutions visited the site multiple times over various years and seasons to assess, plan, and design the trails within this plan. This master plan defines the opportunities and constraints in developing trails at the GA DNR Standing Boy WMA. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the area and the potential of the trail system, Trail Solutions assesses terrain, slopes, existing infrastructure, and ecology. Every detail is examined, from soil types, which can affect trail tread compaction and erosion potential, to anticipated user numbers and trailhead needs.

Familiar with trail systems within the region and throughout the world, trail specialists gage which established practices they will use and which of the latest innovations they can employ. Trail specialists ride similar trails in the region and understand the area’s outdoor culture. Lastly, interviews with local stakeholders help to IMBA TS learn from their expertise, balancing the interests of community members and land managers in designing the system.

Published June 2019

About the Author

IMBA Trail Solutions is the international leader in singletrack development. Our wealth of expertise has allowed us to develop the current guidelines for the creation of sustainable, enjoyable trails and bike parks that have influenced land management agencies around the world and are frequently adopted as best practices.

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