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Mountain Bike Trails Concept Plan for Moose River Plains Wild Forest

December 2013

IMBA Trail Solutions visited the Moose River Plains Wild Forest for one week in October of 2013 to conduct field research, meet with stakeholders, and to begin the process of developing a conceptual design for mountain bike use in the area. All of the designs presented in this report are conceptual in nature and have not been completely field verified. Additional work will need to be done in the field to finalize the designs of reroutes and proposed trails described in this report.

by IMBA Trail Solutions


Located in the heart of Adirondack Park, Moose River Plains Wild Forest (MRPWF) is an approximately 85,000-acre forest preserve owned and managed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). One of the proposed management actions in the 2011 DEC MRPWF Unit Management Plan (UMP) is the development of a comprehensive mountain bike plan for the MRPWF. Goals of the plan include evaluating the suitability of existing routes and a survey of currently undeveloped areas, which may prove useful in hosting new natural surface singletrack trails targeted toward bicycle enthusiasts.

IMBA Trail Solutions was hired by the DEC to create a mountain bike trails concept plan for the MRPWF. Guided by the principles and priorities defined in the 2011 UMP, a mountain bike trail concept plan will provide a specific strategy for improving existing trails, and creating new trails, targeted to provide high quality trail experiences to mountain bikers.

In the fall of 2013 a Trail Specialist with IMBA Trail Solutions visited the area to work with DEC staff and local trail advocates on the mountain bike conceptual plan for the forest. Fieldwork included the study of existing trails that are currently open to mountain biking, and a survey of other less developed areas of the forest that may prove useful in hosting new mountain bike trails.

This report provides a description of the proposed mountain bike trails concept plan developed by IMBA Trail Solutions.

Published December 2013

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IMBA Trail Solutions is the international leader in singletrack development. Our wealth of expertise has allowed us to develop the current guidelines for the creation of sustainable, enjoyable trails and bike parks that have influenced land management agencies around the world and are frequently adopted as best practices.

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