The Oklawaha Greenway Extension Plan

The Oklawaha Greenway extensions will create connectivity between parks, municipalities, and destinations through an accessible, continuous greenway that serves as a walking and biking spine for future greenway growth and connections within Henderson County.

by Equinox

The Spine of the System. The proposed 14.65 miles of new greenway will travel both north and south of the existing Oklawaha Greenway, becoming the main spine for pedestrian and bicycle travel in Henderson County. Added to the existing Oklawaha Greenway mileage, the total greenway will make nearly an 18-mile corridor with other greenways connecting to and radiating out of it.

Major Destinations Connected. The greenway will connect rural and suburban parts of Henderson County, Fletcher, Mills River, Hendersonville, and Flat Rock together along a picturesque corridor that highlights the best of Henderson County. Traveling along the French Broad River, Mud Creek, and Bat Creek, through farm fields and orchards, and along natural areas, the greenway will connect neighborhoods and commercial areas by safe and inviting pedestrian and bicycle facilities. This greenway will also connect key destinations like downtown Hendersonville, major parks in the county, Blue Ridge Community College, and several planned greenways.

Key Opportunities. Opportunities to utilize existing utility and transportation corridors exist, such as utilizing sewer easements, Duke powerline easements, and the Blue Ridge Southern Railroad (BRSR) corridor. Duke Energy and BRSR have both expressed preliminary support for accommodating the greenway. While landowners will need to consent to their use, these corridors are some of the most suitable locations for the greenway. Additionally, in some cases as seen elsewhere in the region, development has worked hand-in-hand to accommodate and embrace greenways as an amenity.

Attached document published May 2019

About the Author

Located in Asheville, NC and serving the Southeast, the Equinox team has the tools and experience to take a greenway or trail project from feasibility studies and the conceptual stage to site-specific design and construction. During the process, we can take care of landowner outreach, acquisition strategies, maintenance guidelines, and public workshops.

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