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posted Aug 2, 2018

FAQ: When and where to use blazes or markers

by American Trails Staff

Best practices for blaze marking along trails

categories: trailheads
tags: faq, signs, cairns, trailheads, hiking, long-distance trails

posted Jul 17, 2018

FAQ: Constructing an air station inflator on bike trails

by American Trails Staff

Bicycle repair stations can now be purchased from several vendors.

categories: trailheads
tags: faq, trailheads, bicycle

posted Feb 6, 2018

Rail-Trail Maintenance & Operation

by Tim Poole with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Northeast Regional Office

In about two decades, rail-trails have risen from obscurity to become highly valued amenities for many American communities. Rail-trails preserve natural and cultural resources and provide both residents and tourists with attractive places to recreate and safe routes to their destinations.

categories: trailheads
tags: management and operation, safety, surfaces, signs, bridges, drainage, trailheads, interpretation

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