FAQ: Constructing an air station inflator on bike trails

Bicycle repair stations can now be purchased from several vendors.

by American Trails Staff

Bike fix it station at High Bridge State Park, Virginia.

In 2011 we had not heard of anyone providing air for bikes on the trail. Air was offered at some rail trails where there is a converted rail road station with bike rentals, or other office/visitors center, or at road crossings and trailheads, show location and distance to gas stations with coin operated air pumps.

Bike stations are now available that allow a person to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs.

In July 2017, a bicycle repair station was installed along the MA & PA Heritage Trail at Annie’s Playground in Fallston, Maryland. The station consists of a bike stand, a variety of repair tools and an air pump, so that cyclists can perform basic bike repairs and maintenance while on the trail. The station is for use free-of-charge during normal trail operating hours.

Sarasota County, Florida has four bike repair stations on the Legacy Trail and more at other locations in the county. The four Legacy Trail stations are at: Osprey Junction Trailhead, Venice Train Depot, Laurel Park and Central Sarasota Parkway.

If you've got serious puncture vine/goathead problems, filling up a tire full of holes is not going to help. Encourage people to bring an air pump and patch kit.

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Published May 13, 2011

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