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Smart Outdoor Inc. is Bringing Innovative Signs to Trails in New York and Beyond

Westchester County New York and Friends of Westchester County Parks, in collaboration with Westchester County Parks, announce collaboration with Smart Outdoor to enhance 34.6-mile running trail.

Westchester County New York and Friends of Westchester County Parks, in collaboration with Westchester County Parks, has announced that they have contracted with Smart Outdoor to enhance their 34.6-mile trail running from Baldwin Place, NY to The Bronx, NY with new smart signs. Smart Outdoor is a company striving to update and improve trails across the country!

Trail signs will be located at trail heads and access points; mile markers are set at accurate placements for trail users to view. Each sign will contain trail rules, maps, and North and South County branding. Every sign will include a 911 locator sticker and a unique QR code for the trail, offering close proximity to county happenings, local restaurants, bike rentals, and running stores. All signs are double sided and each of the signs will feature a sponsor.

In the first week of launch over 1,300 QR code scans were activated.

Every sign at each mile marker has been uploaded into the emergency 911 CAD services. In the first two week of launch, the county reported getting two emergency calls in which each incident was easily found due to the the new mile marker locations.

Smart Outdoor has teamed-up with Liquid Outdoor Media, a national media and tech company, to provide a full solution for smart trail implementation and sponsorship. This strategic partnership combines the expertise to deliver a full solution of design, operations, installation, technology and the sponsorship sales, generating significant revenue for municipalities while enhancing their trail systems.

All signs and mile markers generated from this program were purchased by Smart Outdoor and given to Westchester County Parks as a part of their 5-year collaboration. The contract between Friends of Westchester County Parks Foundation and Smart Outdoor allows for an annual percentage of revenue generated from sign sponsorship. Revenue on signs will be given annually for maintenance and upkeep of the trail.

In 2020, American Trails was introduced to this program and has been recently featured on the smart trail platform live. American Trails has officially partnered with Smart Outdoor to bring this service to other trails around the county that are looking to update their trails with new signs and receive revenue for trail upkeep - all while keeping trails sustainable and enjoyable for trail users.

For questions contact Ivan Bellotto at [email protected].

Learn more from the video below:

Published February 23, 2021

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