No More Horsing Around

Who are Equestrians, What Do They Want, and How Can Land Managers and Equestrians Work Together?

This panel will pair land managers with horse riders for a discussion of how each can help the other in meeting their goals.

Speakers: Les Wadzinski, Recreation Program Manager, Hoosier National Forest; Yvette Rollins, President of the Hoosier Bank Country Horsemen, Inc.; Greg Hersberger, Indiana Trail Riders Association; Tom Treiman, Natural Resource Economist, Missouri Department of Conservation

This panel will pair land managers with horse riders for a discussion of how each can help the other in meeting their goals. First, the Missouri Department of Conservation will relate how they got to know their horse users using surveys and other methods, and how that data was used in decision making. The Hoosier National Forest will follow with a case history of how they and local horse clubs turned an adversarial situation to one of partnering. Finally, riders from several Indiana horse clubs will give their perspective on how they work with the Hoosier National Forest on topics ranging from fees to the role of adjacent camps to training and certification.

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