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Ramanessin Brook Greenway Trails

The Ramanessin Brook Greenway Trails Project consisted of the rehabilitation and enhancement of existing trails along with the development and construction of a new trail, all on Holmdel Township’s open space and all part of a connected trail system that links one end of the township with another.

The Ramanessin Brook Greenway is a popular and growing network of trails along Holmdel's longest and largest stream system. The trails link two County parks (Holmdel and Thompson Parks), two Township parks (Bayonet Farm and Cross Farm Park), and three schools (Village Elementary School, Satz Middle School, and Holmdel High School). Since Thompson Park, located primarily in neighboring Middletown, also connects to the campus of Brookdale Community College, the span of the connected trail system is substantial. To encourage the use of the trails in these ways, signs showing destinations and distances have been provided at key locations.

The new half-mile trail segment added with the assistance of a Recreational Trails Program grant provides an off-road connection between the Satz Middle School and Holmdel High School and the Township library, recently relocated to the Bell Works building; thus students will find it easy to go from school to the library and other amenities in the Bell Works building.

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