State of the Art Technology Award

This award recognizes a trail-related product, process, or service that has significantly met a need, addressed an issue, or increased efficiency in trail design, development, or maintenance.


City of Austin

Town Lake Trail Extension aerial map

City of Austin for their use of multiple technologies including GPS, GIS, print and Internet to increase efficiency in trail design, development, or maintenance throughout the City of Austin.

The combination of GPS, GIS, print, and Internet technologies has greatly improved the efficiency and timeliness in the dispersal of trail information. The City of Austin's Parks and Recreation Department has utilized this technology and over the past two years has mastered a system of information gathering, assessment, and delivery that allows for much greater accuracy and usefulness of trail maps for the City's trail system.

One example of how this technology has been used in Austin is seen in the Barton Creek Greenway Kiosk map. This map uses 2D and 3D imagery to help trail users visualize the conditions they might come across on long routes. Another example is the map for Emma Long Park, this map provides an important safety feature on this motorbike trail by indicating the location of the EMS/911 call boxes.

The City of Austin has also utilized this technology to advocate for future trail development. Presentation boards containing maps that provide an aerial view of the area under discussion for the Town Lake Extension Trail, aid in the visualization of key aspects of the argument in favor of developing this trail extension.

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