State of the Art Technology Award

This award recognizes a trail-related product, process, or service that has significantly met a need, addressed an issue, or increased efficiency in trail design, development, or maintenance.


Single Track, LLC

Single Track ST 240 Trail building machine

Single Track, LLC’s Single Track ST 240 is a machine being described as a “game changer.”

Trail builders and land managers face the challenge of keeping up with their workload and completing extensive upgrades yet preserving the natural setting and providing trail users with the outdoors experience they seek.

Large equipment usually required to do this work often obliterates the character of a trail and destroys its natural environment.

Trail advocate Barrett Brown designed the ST 240 to solve these problems in a commercially viable way. The machine’s 6-way dozer blade, 32-horsepower engine, and 24-inch minimum width get tough jobs done in tight spaces—and with full remote controls so the operator can be in the seat or up to 150 feet away.

One trail specialist who uses the ST 240 said, “Since trail users don’t have to worry about their trails disappearing along with the character of their sport, single track riders are now teammates and supporters of [our] trail program instead of opponents.”

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