Syracuse, New York
April 28 - 01, 2019

We were proud to feature for a third Symposium the Professional TrailBuilders Association’s (PTBA) Sustainable Trails Workshop Series, Legacy Trail, and Technical Track. This was an inspiring and educational conference as we came together as a trails community.


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“Health, Happiness, and Heritage”


photo credit: Austin schmid, unsplash

  • Health: Beyond the physical health that trails promote is a range of psychological benefits—reduced levels of stress, anxiety, anger, and depression and increased alertness and even memory capacity. But trails do even more. They contribute significantly to the healthy and viability of entire communities. Trails promote economic health as well as environmental heath, adding a critical feature that boosts real estate values, promotes clean transportation, and enhances the quality of tourism.
  • Happiness: Trails make us happy. They bring friends, families, and communities together. They bring people of all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds outdoors. Trails are a refuge from our busy, work-driven world. Along a trail, people can relax, recalibrate, and feel restored.
  • Heritage: Trails connect us to our natural and cultural heritage. They lead us to revered places of beauty, history, and natural wonder. They beckon us to take pilgrimages to special places and return renewed and inspired.