Meet the 2019 Emerging Trail Leaders

The Hulet Hornbeck Emerging Trail Leaders Scholarship Program for 2019 will bring 16 young adults, ages 21-28 to the International Trails Symposium (ITS) and Training Institute.

At the ITS, Emerging Trail Leaders will learn from experts, get practical experience with a service project, network with professionals, engage in discussions with career advisors, and take a step closer to a career in the trails world, so they, too, can leave a lasting legacy on the world— as Hulet did.

Involvement in the Symposium exposes young professionals to multi-generational dialogue about conservation and recreation. During past Emerging Trail Leaders programs, established resource professionals benefitted just as much from the exchange as the field looks to foster new leadership.

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The 2019 Emerging Trail Leaders

Alivia Acosta – Unity, Maine

Nicole Elizabeth Barrios Adames – Panama City, Panama

Cody Arana – Albany, New York

Kendra Barat – Franklin Park, New Jersey

Julien Cossette – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Erinn Drage – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Julio Escarce – Santa Monica, California

Michael Giapponi – Bethlehem, Connecticut

Greg Grierson – Dayton, Ohio

Katie Koster – Spearfish, South Dakota

Michael Meister – Nashville, Tennessee

India Nielson – Salt Lake City, Utah

Elyse Peters – Jasper, Alabama

Bonnie Ricord – Columbia, Missouri

Mark Rooney – Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Alyssa Wentz – Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania