Windsor Art Master Plan

A public art master plan is an important piece of the public art program in any municipality. It is an invaluable tool that provides everything from visioning, to expected maintenance costs, to public art selection processes. This plan has the potential to provide support for local artists, strengthen the community and support tourism. Ultimately, this plan can help create a distinct identity for Windsor within the region.

by Colorado Center for Community Development

Windsor Art MP final

This plan is structured around the following guiding principles for public art: artwork should be engaging, relevant to the unique context of Windsor and inclusive of all residents. These guiding principles for public artwork will enhance Windsor's legacy by building a thoughtful and contextually appropriate public art collection that represents the community's values.

In order to best understand and represent the widest selection of the town's preferences for public art, a districting approach was taken in this plan. Each district represents a geographic portion of Windsor that has shared characteristics in population density, land use typologies and defining architectural styles. Each district has identifiable short and long term goals and priority sites for public artwork. These proposed goals aim to strengthen Windsor's identity by reinforcing connectivity between districts, parks and community spaces. Furthermore, short and long term strategies will help to create phases where necessary, especially with regard to future infrastructure, commercial and residential areas and to address Windsor's continued rapid growth.

This plan also includes complete results from the public engagement processes that were undertaken in the Spring and early Summer of 2019. The Town of Windsor has engaged residents and the public survey generated over 630 responses. This feedback was crucial for town staff to understand the community's desire for more public art in Windsor. Residents who responded to the survey overwhelmingly wanted to see more public art in town.

The final sections of this plan cover the implementation work necessary to create a public art program. This includes case studies of other communities' programs, funding streams for public art and information on maintaining a public art collection.

This information, along with the guiding principles, strategies and goals, will serve as a launching point in Windsor's development as a cultural hub in Northern Colorado. This Public Art Master Plan is intended to be updated over time as both the community and art collection grow.

Published January 01, 2020

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