Legacy Trail Public Art Master Plan

The Legacy Trail crosses an extraordinary landscape and represents an important cultural moment in Lexington’s history. This plan for public art along the trail culminates several years of discussion about how the trail will be built and how it will transform the community. This plan provides a blueprint for celebrating the opening of the trail with artworks by artists from throughout the region, and for allowing art to find a unique place in the life of the trail as time goes on.

by Todd W. Bressi

Art master plan

In 2009, as the route of the trail was settled, easements were being secured and design plans were being finalized, public art advocates Marnie Holoubek and Christine Huskisson organized the Legacy Trail Public Art Consortium to plan and implement public art along the trail. Consortium members currently include the University of Kentucky, Department of Art, the Blue Grass Community Foundation’s Legacy Center, the Lexington Art League, LexArts, the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government and Holoubek.

The Consortium secured funding from the Legacy Center and LexArts necessary to undertake a master planning process and, after a national search, the Consortium retained urban designer Todd W. Bressi and artist Stacy Levy to develop a public art plan. Their work involved visits to Lexington in January, February and April; two public forums; a roundtable work session with a committee that is developing information about cultural, environmental and historic narratives along the trail; and various meetings and interviews with key stakeholders.

Published April 01, 2010

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Our public art planning, curating and project management combines urban vision, artistic integrity and technical soundness. Our projects have provided clients with innovative strategies for public art related to urban spaces, city infrastructure, private development, and environmental resources.

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