2023 Legacy Trails Program Grant Awardee Portal

Below you will find documents that may be useful as you prepare your invoices.

Please review the Guide to Invoicing to answer any questions, as you prepare to ask us for reimbursement of project expenses.

You can also click the live-linked text to review a recording of the August 24, 2023 Invoicing and Reporting presentation, or the slide deck from the Invoicing and Reporting presentation.

So that invoices are as consistent as possible, we request that you please use our Excel-based Invoice Template to prepare each of your invoices, and our digital Invoicing Portal for uploading them.

Invoices not received by the 1st of the month will be included in the next month's batch.

Have questions? Send an email to [email protected] or the Trail Fund Director Cathy Corlett at [email protected].

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The Trails Capacity Program administered by American Trails is funded by sustaining corporate sponsors and individuals. We are excited about our fundraising goals, and looking forward to opening the program later this year as funding is secured.

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The Trails Capacity Program administered by American Trails receives $75K in 2022 end-of-year funding for trail stewardship from Bronco Wild Fund.

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Our inaugural year brought 291 project proposals totaling over $3.2 million. Seven great projects were able to be funded.