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Rhino Marking & Protection Systems offers a variety of posts, signs and markers to fit all types of trails.


One of Rhino’s most flexible posts, the TriView®, is a highly visible triangular marker. The unique shape ensures messages can be seen from any direction. The TriView can also withstand impacts and return to its original upright position. The flexible properties of the post also make the TriView less of a safety hazard on a trail system.

Rhino also provides fiber-reinforced marker posts in multiple profiles that can be coated with PolyTech Coating™. This patented coating blocks ultraviolet light from reaching the fiberglass core of the post for at least 10 years, protecting it from fading and deterioration of the fiberglass. PolyTech Coating also helps prevent the fiberglass from being exposed, causing slivers.

In addition to marker posts, Rhino offers a variety of signage ranging from Dibond® Signs, to pavement decals, tags and more. These products can be customized to meet the specification required by different types of trails. For more information visit TrailMarking.com or call 800-522-4343.

PolyTech Coating™ Patent #6,158,919

TriView® U.S. Patents #7,025,016 B1 #6,099,203 #D525721 Pending Patents

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