Partnership Award - Level 1

This award is given to a partnership which benefits agencies or services within the field of trail planning, design, or implementation. Level One category: a partnership consisting of two entities.


Hudson River Valley Greenway

Hudson River Valley Greenway corridor

Hudson River Valley Greenway for forming partnerships with citizens, organizations and agencies that had the overall goal of developing a plan that would provide about 1,000 miles of hiking opportunities along the Hudson River.

Imagine a Greenway Trail that would provide about 1000 miles of hiking opportunities and would link parcels of public and private land on both sides of the Hudson River. This interconnected Greenway Trail would stretch from Battery Park in Waterford to Battery Park in Manhattan.

This is exactly what the members of the Hudson River Valley Greenway in Albany, NY envisioned when they set out to develop the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail Vision Plan.

The development of this plan required the creation of partnerships with key public and private state, local and regional agencies, the National Park Service and the citizens who reside in the communities that would benefit from the trail system.

Regional planning and trail development is often difficult in New York State, which has a strong tradition of home rule, making intermunicial cooperation and regional planning difficult. Today, out of the 259 eligible communities, 216 are currently participating in the Greenway program.

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