International Planning & Design Award

This award recognizes an extraordinary trail project that occurred outside the United States, which demonstrates innovative planning and design techniques while making a positive contribution to a specific country or region of the world.


Hidden Lakes Trail Network, Perito Moreno National Park, Argentina

Tompkins Conservation and Imagen de Chile launched an initiative to promote Chilean Patagonia’s scenic 1,700-mile route, located between Puerto Montt and Cape Horn, and its 17 national parks and more than 60 surrounding communities. The Route of Parks was opened at the end of 2018.

The Hidden Lakes Trail Network project, located in Perito Moreno National Park, is an ambitious recreational trail and infrastructure development project in this remote area of Argentine Patagonia.

The features of the project include constructing huts and latrines, layout and construction of hand built hiking trails, establishing amenities within the park that can house crews and the public, and to train National Park staff in sustainable trail design and construction techniques. Jed Talbot of OBP Trailworks, LLC is in his second year of coordinating a team of trail experts from the United States to design trails and train local crews along with the National Park staff from all regions of Patagonia. The result is the most extensive recreational trails development and training effort in Patagonian history.

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