International Planning & Design Award

This award recognizes an extraordinary trail project that occurred outside the United States, which demonstrates innovative planning and design techniques while making a positive contribution to a specific country or region of the world.


Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

The Three Capes Track in Tasmania

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service in Australia developed the Three Capes Track, a 28.5 mile easy to moderate bushwalk, complete with overnight cabins, through the scenic Tasman National Park.

On December 23, 2015 a group of 24 walkers from around the world, aged from six to 70, stepped onto a catamaran called The Blade, and launched a brand-new tourism product for Tasmania— the Three Capes Track. The trail features 28.5 miles of cliff-hugging wildness in Australia's far south-east

The Three Capes Track is the largest track-related project in the history of the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. Visitors can experience a four-day, three-night, easy to moderate bushwalk through the Tasman National Park on the Tasman Peninsula with views of the three capes.

The track is constructed of gravel, timber boardwalk, and stone, with timber bridges. The overnight cabins were designed and developed to have minimal environmental impact and are self-sufficient in terms of water and energy storage.

The Parks and Wildlife Service collaborated with the University of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, and a public artist for trackside art and furniture. All walkers receive a guidebook which provides stories that interpret the natural and cultural values of the track and nearby ecosystems. In the first year of operation, nearly 10,000 have walked the Three Capes Track.

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