The Advancing Trails Awards Program is one way that American Trails recognizes the tremendous contributions and successes of exemplary people across the globe who are working to advance trails. These awards are presented every two years during the International Trails Summit. American Trails worked with the World Trails Network – Hub for the Americas to select the International Trails Partnership award.

American Trails Advancing Trails Award winners were announced at the 2023 International Trails Summit Awards Ceremony that took place April 17, 2023 in Reno, Nevada.

2023 Hulet Hornbeck Lifetime Service Award

Janet Phillips

Janet Phillips was no stranger to the complexity of water politics in the West. She toiled for years on heated issues involving the Truckee River.

2023 Trail Planning & Design Award

Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects

Landscape architecture is essential to improving our nation’s infrastructure.

2023 Trail Partnership Award

USDA Forest Service Eastern Region 10-Year Trail Shared Stewardship Challenge

The 10-Year Trail Shared Stewardship Challenge helps carry out the National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System and the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act.

2023 Trails and the Arts Award

Wheeling Public Art Trail

Exploring Wheeling’s public art scene in West Virginia just got easier with their digital public art map. Art is one of the vital elements for showcasing Wheeling’s identity and history, and they are proud to have so many public pieces of art on display throughout our community.

2023 Trails for Health Award

Arizona Alliance for Livable Communities

The Arizona Alliance for Livable Communities (AALC) is the organization that has been reviewing and making recommendations to statewide counties and communities that are updating their General Plans. AALC has a General Plans Update Committee that consists of 10-12 members who are urban planners, landscape architects, and County Public Health Services management professionals.

2023 International Trail Leadership

Brazilian Trails Network

Brazilian Trails Network are leading the way in the Americas. The Brazilian Network of Long Distance Trails is designed in a way that each National Long Track, like the 10,000 km Coastal Corridor (Oiapoque x Chuí), will be the result of the succession of a series of regional tracks, in which the ending point of one coincides with the trackhead of the next.

2023 Trail Promotion and Education Award

Carson City Open Space and Muscle Powered

The trail connectivity around and through Carson City, Nevada that both Carson City Open Space and Muscle Powered has built up is something to admire. Their promotion of the importance of trails, proper trail etiquette, and access to trails is top notch.

2023 Trail Partnership Award

North Carolina Great Trails State Coalition

The North Carolina Great Trails State Coalition is an advocacy organization dedicated to securing sustained state funding for all kinds of muscle powered trails, both natural surface and paved. The Coalition is a membership-based coalition, currently with 66 nonprofit, local government, and industry partners. The Coalition has a fiscal sponsor, a team of lobbyists, and a single coordinator, Palmer McIntyre.