Trail Promotion and Education Award

This award recognizes innovative and successful strategies for promoting and increasing trail use and understanding.


Carson City Open Space and Muscle Powered

The trail connectivity around and through Carson City, Nevada that both Carson City Open Space and Muscle Powered has built up is something to admire. Their promotion of the importance of trails, proper trail etiquette, and access to trails is top notch.

Eleven years ago, a Memorandum of Understanding between Carson City and Muscle Powered was created. Since then, the Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space Department has actively and successfully worked in partnership with Muscle Powered to plan, build, and maintain trails, and to co-host events and other promotions to enhance bicycle and pedestrian opportunities in Carson City for recreation, health, and alternative transportation.

Muscle Powered is fundamentally about building community around walking, hiking, and biking. Relating to the award theme, Muscle Powered promotes trail user safety, advocacy, education, courtesy, and stewardship with walking, hiking, and biking as prime goals. Trail building was added to Muscle Powered later as a support activity.

Learn more at Carson City Open Space and Muscle Powered.

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