Study, Action, and Reflection

Increasing the Diversity of Trail Users and Supporters

This webinar will examine a study’s methodology and findings including trail residents’ needs, interests, and apprehensions in their daily lives, and how that connects to their awareness, impressions, and experiences with nearby trails and outdoor public spaces.

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September 22, 2022

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Webinar Outline

The Circuit Trails Coalition consists of diverse trail organizations representing Philadelphia and the surrounding eight counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Over the past 5 years the coalition’s goal has been to build a network of 500 miles of trails by 2025. A recently published Circuit report stepped back from this objective to explore the motivators and barriers to accessing existing trails in communities of color adjacent to the Circuit Trails network in four cities: Philadelphia, Camden, Trenton, and Norristown.

This webinar will examine the study’s methodology and findings including trail residents’ needs, interests, and apprehensions in their daily lives, and how that connects to their awareness, impressions, and experiences with nearby trails and outdoor public spaces. The presentation will review 10 recommendations trail partners can take to improve the trail experience to better connect people to the trails and to the outdoors and give examples of how these recommendations can be put into action.

For additional details on the Circuit Trails, view this webinar: An Equitable Approach to Trail Development: Circuit Trails Gap Analysis.

Similarities between the Gap Analysis of the Circuit Trails (this webinar) and the Equity of Access to Trails study (webinar noted above) is that they are both part of the Circuit Trails Coalition’s ongoing efforts to increase access for all and reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion.

The differences lie in the intent and implementation of these two plans/tools.

  • The Equity of Access to Trails study was an assessment of how low-income/disadvantaged groups interact with the Circuit Trails network and in turn how the Circuit Trails interacts with these groups. The outcomes of this study were the creation of a Circuit Trails DEIJ task force and a commitment to make existing and future trails more welcoming to these groups – but not the construction of new trails based on their potential equity impacts.
  • The Gap Analysis of the Circuit Trails, on the other hand, is a planning tool that looks to guide the development of new trails toward areas where the construction of a trail would have the biggest potential impact according to a variety of factors, including access to jobs, public transportation, parks and recreation, and etc. The Gap Analysis is already being used by our non-profit and county partners to identify new trails for advocacy and as priorities for development and funding.

In a nutshell, the Equity of Access to Trails study is theoretically-focused and has resulted in ongoing conversations – some of which have led to the development of the Gap Analysis – whereas the Gap Analysis is a practical tool PEC developed for our partners to use as we push for the equitable development of all 850+ miles of Circuit Trails. You can view the Gap Analysis report here and online mapping portal here.

Learning Objectives:

  • Making the case using evidence to support actions
  • Understand the importance of methodology
  • Actions that reflect recommendations


This webinar qualifies as a Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) course (via LA CES).

Webinar Resources

  • The Circuit Trails Resource Library

    Webinar Partners


    William Fraser, Transportation Project Manager, Clean Air Council
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Will Fraser holds a B.A. from Temple University in Environmental Studies. He has been an advocate at the Council for over ten years and is currently a Project Manager for the Council’s Transportation team. Helping to lead Clean Air Council’s pedestrian advocacy organization, Feet First Philly, Will chairs the groups Policy Committee and teaches a Walk Audit Certification Course at Temple University. Will also chairs Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure's Vision Zero Education Subcommittee and sits on both the Circuit Trails JEDI Taskforce and Steering Committee.


    Eleanor Horne, Co-President, Lawrence Hopewell Trail
    West Windsor, New Jersey

    While Vice President of the Educational Testing Service Social Investment Fund, Horne created and led a strong community and philanthropic presence and enduring collaborations locally and nationally with organizations committed to educational equity and access. She is now a full-time volunteer leader actively engaged in organizations committed to education, expanding social justice, and enhancing communities. She serves as Co-President of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail Corporation and is an active member of the Circuit Trails Coalition Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force.


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