Expedition Antarctica (and Beyond): How I Learnt to Sail

Join the adventure in Antarctica; sailing, scuba, ski mountaineering and fly fishing via horseback in this hour long presentation with Mike Powell, the adventurer himself. Any donations made will go towards the Community Boating Center in Bellingham, WA.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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Please join American Trails and the Community Boating Center in Bellingham, WA for a virtual live speaking fundraising event.

In 2011, then landlubber & pro photographer Mike Powell boarded his brothers boat UHURU* (Swahili for Freedom) for a two month expedition to Antarctica, around Cape Horn and into Chilean Patagonia. Join their adventure; sailing, scuba, ski mountaineering and fly fishing via horseback in this hour long presentation with the adventurer himself.

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***This is a FREE virtual event***

***$15 donations suggested*** (all donations will go towards the Community Boating Center in Bellingham, WA)

*UHURU, is Swahili (native language for some tribes in east Africa) for Freedom. Mike’s father was stationed in Kenya in the 1950-60s with the British army and his brother (boat owner) was there as a child, before his time.

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Mike Powell, Photographer, Mike Powell Photography

In 2011 Mike Powell a landlubber with a camera went aboard his brothers boat UHURU, an Oyster 62, for two months and headed South from the Falkland Islands, across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic peninsula, around the Horn and up into Chilean Patagonia. During the trip the crew used all their toys, great sailing, scuba, ice climbing up mountains, skiing down them and fly fishing in Chile via horseback

This is the story that has been shown multiple times before, to multiple sailors and yacht clubs both in the USA and UK and featured on the cover of UK’s Yachting Magazine. If you missed it last time please come and watch it this time or come again.


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