Portland, Oregon
May 17 - 20, 2015

We were proud to feature the Professional TrailBuilders Association’s (PTBA) Sustainable Trails Workshop Series, Legacy Trail, and Technical Track.

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Solutions for Success


The Symposium programs will explore the many pathways to success for all types of trails, from cities to the backcountry:

  • Solutions for design: The right trails in the right place, with the best materials and appropriate technology, including affordable solutions and challenging sites
  • Solutions for sustainability: Building better trails that protect against erosion and enhance nature, investing in long-term success, and reducing costs
  • Solutions for management: Implementing techniques for enhancing safe and enthusiastic use, and creating opportunities for learning
  • Solutions for advocacy: Getting projects started, finding key allies, and building on small successes
  • Solutions for health: Improving trails to be more engaging and enjoyable, promoting their use, and contributing to our health and well-being
  • Solutions for the future: Creating a culture of investment in trails in our communities through political and popular support

A Partnership for Sustainable Trails

Another way we will showcase "Solutions for Success" is through a partnership with the Professional TrailBuilders Association (PTBA). American Trails and PTBA will offer a series of hands-on workshops focusing on the important skills and techniques involved in the sustainable design, planning, construction, and maintenance of trails for all types of users in all types of environments. Read more about the PTBA Sustainable Trails Workshop Series and Legacy Trail.