Training and Resources for Building Better Trails (2008)

Learn about trail training services and opportunities plus a wide variety of technical resources available.

Speakers: Bob Finch, Executive Director, Outdoor Stewardship Institute; Alex Weiss, Greenways & Trails Coordinator; Florida Office of Greenways & Trails; Mike Brown, BLM, National Training Center

Better training and skills help build more sustainable trails, empower volunteers to be more effective, and help youth develop careers and confidence. This session will present educational opportunities, training providers, and a wide range of resources for trails and greenways. Efforts of the National Trails Training Partnership, the Outdoor Stewardship Institute, and American Trails will be emphasized, along with BLM's survey of skills for national scenic and historic trails. Learn about trail training services and opportunities plus a wide variety of technical resources available. Join us in sharing ideas as well as needs for trails training, improving cooperation, and building skills.

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Trail Building in the Ozarks

posted May 3, 2022

This manual was created to accompany the Crew Leader training program developed by the Ozark Trail Association (OTA). It serves as an aid to volunteer Crew Leaders working with other volunteers to build and maintain single-track natural surface trails in the Ozarks region of Missouri. This manual is designed to serve as a baseline for trail construction and maintenance and as an introduction to leading small groups of volunteers on natural surface trail construction and maintenance events.

National River Cleanup® Organizers Handbook

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American Rivers makes it easy for you to get involved. This National River Cleanup Handbook will provide all the information you need to organize a river cleanup.

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Information on apps that can be used for trail management that would be suitable for volunteer-type organizations.

Adopt-a-Trail Manual

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The Adopt-a-Trail manual addresses the work accomplished in the Adopt-a-Trail program. This manual is meant to acquaint the maintainer with park procedures, duties involved in adopting a trail, and methods for safely performing those duties.

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