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OPPORTUNITIES FOR ACTION: A Synthesis from Roundtables in Support of the Bureau of Land Management’s Blueprint for 21st Century Outdoor Recreation

Implementation of the Blueprint will require a deepening of relationships, new partnerships, new capacity and ultimately, new resources for success. Put simply, the Bureau can’t achieve its vision alone.

by Foundation for America's Public Lands

In August 2023, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released its Blueprint for 21st Century Outdoor Recreation (Blueprint), establishing a new vision to provide exceptional and unique recreational experiences that invite all to share in the enjoyment and stewardship of their public lands. The Blueprint establishes a critical jumping off point as the Bureau seeks to prioritize its recreation needs and build and sustain relationships among a diverse group of users and partners.

The first-of-its-kind Blueprint establishes a roadmap for the next several years focusing on four strategic pillars:

1. Grow and Diversify Resources for BLM Recreation

2. Prioritize and Embrace Partnerships

3. Expand Outreach and Establish a Culture of Inclusion

4. Meet the Demand, Protect Resources, and Improve Access

To assist the BLM in launching this ambitious outdoor recreation effort and to build foundations for
the partnerships that are essential to achieving the Bureau’s vision, the Foundation for America’s Public
Lands (Foundation) designed a series of roundtable convenings intended to

  • Build awareness of the current resource constraints and visitation pressure on the BLM;
  • Introduce a paradigm shift toward recreation management for public lands through the Blueprint;
  • Invite partner organizations to be thought partners and strategists in both addressing current needs on BLM lands and moving toward a future vision; and
  • Build and sustain relationships with new and existing partners to implement the Blueprint.

The Roundtables offered all participants a critical launch-point to build shared awareness of the challenges confronting the Bureau, and the array of solutions needed to achieve a paradigm shift in recreation management.

Ultimately, achieving the vision outlined by the BLM in the Blueprint is a shared responsibility, not just among the BLM’s field staff and leadership, but among a diverse array of partners, including the Foundation for America’s Public Lands. Through this report, the Foundation is inviting all Americans to embrace the BLM’s call to action to share in the stewardship and enjoyment of their public lands and to share their insights and perspectives as we work together to support next steps.

Attached document published November 2023

About the Author

As the official charitable partner of the Bureau of Land Management, the Foundation for America’s Public Lands connects us to our public lands and waters and sustains these special places for the benefit of present and future generations.

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