National Recreation Trail (NRT) Signs are Making a Splash

Over the last few months we have distributed hundreds of NRT signs to trails all over America.

American Trails recently reached out to designated NRTs across the country offering free NRT signs to post along the trail. Over the last few months alone we have distributed hundreds of these signs to trails all over America. One of those trails, the Sarah Zigler Trail located in Historic Jacksonville, Oregon, has shared photos of these new signs along their trail.


The Sarah Zigler Interpretive Trail begins in the historic Peter Britt Gardens, where Peter Britt settled in 1852, built his home and planted gardens that were the foundation of the area's multi million dollar fruit industry.

From here the trail passes by the famous Britt Sequoia (1862) which many regard as the oldest Sequoia tree in Oregon. The trail then climbs up to the Britt Water Ditch, following the lush creek side beauty of Jackson Creek and The Zigler Woods. It was here that gold was first discovered in 1851, which prompted the famous Jacksonville Gold Rush of 1852.

For the next mile the trail traces through various forest types and alongside old mine tailings. Crossing Jackson Creek the trail climbs through a transitional forest of Ponderosa Pine, Douglas fir, Big Leaf Maple, and Madrone, to the top of a dry ridge consisting mostly of small Oregon White Oak. Views are also enjoyed of the Siskiyou and Cascade Mountains.

From the forested ridge line, hikers are able to explore many side trails to "glory holes" and old gold mine diggings. The face of the forest begins to change once more as the trail loops back toward its beginning in Britt park. Entering Britt Park hikers are able to enjoy the lush coolness of the groomed park grounds as they pass the Britt Pavilion, the site of the Britt Music Festivals. Following the down sloping path returns hikers to where they started - at the fieldstone foundation of the old Britt home.


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