Motivating and Inspiring the Next Generation of Land Stewards

American Youthworks, Student Conservations Corps and the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation - Gettin' Er' Done

Join us in learning more about how the next generation plays a vital role in land stewardship, greenway development, and trail building.

Moderator: Elizabeth (Liz) Smith-Incer, Mississippi Field Office, Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program (RTCA), National Park Service - Speakers: Carolyn Ward, President, Chief Operating Officer, Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation; Ron Hassel, Program Director, Student Conservation Association Trails Corps; Parc Smith, American YouthWorks’ Environmental Corps

Join us in learning more about how the next generation plays a vital role in land stewardship, greenway development, and trail building. This session explores organizations that provide experiences that motivate and inspire youth to treasure their outdoors and become stewards of their natural environment, while instilling healthy living choices. Come learn more about the TRACK Trail Program of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, Student Conservation Corps, and the American YouthWorks Environmental Corps, a Youth Conservation Corps and member of the Public Lands Service Coalition.

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