Conotton Creek Bike Trail, Ohio

Formerly a Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway line, the Conotton Creek Bike Trail now provides one of the few walking, running, and biking trails in this region of the state.

National Recreation Trail

Designated in 2022

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The Conotton Creek Bike Trail is a designated rail trail of scenic serenity located in Northern Harrison County, Ohio. It traverses through the Conotton Valley parallel to Conotton Creek. The scenery includes ponds, rolling foothills, and three small towns.

Visitors on this mostly-wooded rail trail are sure to notice five covered bridges that were built on the original railroad bridge platforms. Once the corridor of the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway, today the 11.2-mile Conotton Creek Trail offers complete immersion in a bucolic setting in northeastern Ohio. Situated in the rolling Appalachian foothills, the route has a significant coal-mining past. At one time, the line was used to transport iron ore from Great Lakes ports to the steel mills of the Ohio River Valley, and haul coal mined from Harrison County to markets in all directions. Today, one of the rail lines is still used, carrying coal, raw materials, and manufactured goods.

The paved multi-use trail is suitable for biking, roller-blading, jogging, and walking. The surface was repaved in 2021. The trail itself is of a typical width with plenty of open space on either side, making the trail exposed and hot in the summer. The entire trail is estimated to be a 5% or less grade. All-terrain tires or motorized equipment may be needed for the surface type. The trail features six bridges, two of which (in Scio and Jewett) are covered. The trail surface is coarse asphalt, wooden covered bridges (with edge barriers and railings), or a natural (grass) surface and smooth. It is typically at least six feet wide with wider passing spaces. There are benches and picnic tables along the route for resting.

The trail offers visitors the opportunity to experience wetlands, farms, forests, rock formations, and wildlife. The ponds east of Bowerston provide a wonderful environment for birding, as do the berried bushes along the route and more than 40 birdhouses. A colorful palette of wildflowers and pastoral landscapes dotted with horses and cattle completes the picturesque backdrop. There are interpretative signs at the five staging areas where ample parking is available.

Find out more about the Conotton Creek Bike Trail and trails in Harrison County: https://www.harrisoncountyohio...


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