Stanley Carte

Assistant Recreation and Wilderness Program Leader, White Mountain National Forest with USDA Forest Service

Stan started his career with the Forest Service as a SCA backcountry patrol volunteer in 1989. Spent the next 23 years with the United States Forest Service in New Hampshire and Ohio honing his trails, wilderness and recreation skills. Built multiple motorized, equestrian, and hiking trails, including numerous fully accessible trails for all to enjoy.

In 2012 Stan left the Forest Service to further his education and pursued a Master’s in Project Management with hopes of bringing his newly found skills back to the Forest Service. After graduating in 2017 he started working for the Mark Twain National Forest as the trails and Wilderness Manager for Zones 1 and 2 where he managed the Ozark Trail and built relationships with volunteers and partners to help care for 750 miles of hiking and equestrian trails.

December of 2019, he returned home to the White Mountain National Forest as the Assistant Recreation and Wilderness Program Leader where he oversees trails and Wilderness programs on the Forest. As the trails program leader, Stan has the opportunity to work with folks as the lead data steward, directly working with employees at the District and the Regional offices, as well as volunteers and partners.


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