Jim Fried

Program Director with Wyoming Conservation Corps

Jim Fried grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where his love for the outdoors was born. The woods and beautiful places instilled a desire for nature and a yearning for more. The beautiful Wind River Range of Wyoming was the stepping stone to his outdoor education. Backpacking trips that exposed him to the wilderness of the west was an integral component that bought him closer and closer to the WCC.

Jim graduated with a Double major in Geography and Environment and Natural Resources. He now resides in Centennial, Wyoming in a cabin with his chainsaw, skis, and mountain bike. He has been with the program since the summer of 2012 where he started out as a crew member. His desire for hard work and living in the outdoors was shaped by that amazing first season with the Wyoming Conservation Corps. Since then he has elevated to the position of Crew Leader, and currently the Field Supervisor. This program allows him to be with like minded people.