Glenn Ryan

Lead Packer

with USDA Forest Service

Glenn Ryan, Lead Packer for the Rocky Mountain Regional Specialty Pack String, enjoys teaching and training Forest Service employees and the public to use proper safety practices as the students develop in their packing and mountain riding proficiency. Raised by his parents, who owned a hunter-jumper stable, Glenn’s horsemanship and riding skills goes straight back to riding jumping horses from the ages of 7 to 18. In 1975, he graduated from college with a degree in Natural Resources and started working with the U.S. Forest Service. For 22 years he has been a goverment packer with collateral duties as trails foreman, and back country patrolman. He is currently the lead packer, since 2004, for the Rocky Mountain Regional Specialty Pack String. He is quick to give credit for much of his horsemanship and livestock skills to working on remote cattle ranches in Northern California. “There is no better way to handle cattle than from the back of a horse,” says Glenn.


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