Chas Robles

Program Director

Chas Robles joined SCC in April 2012, after 5 years of leading crews and programs for the SCA and RMYC, based in Steamboat Springs, CO. Chas found his way to the corps world after graduating from the University of Florida. He spent the first year of corps work in the Mojave Desert, working to restore fragile ecosystems. The desert drew him in, and he spent the next 2 and a half years as a leader for the SCA’s Desert Restoration Corps. Chas began working with the Ancestral Lands program in 2012 and has found his passion working with Native American communities across the American Southwest and beyond. One of his greatest accomplishments has been to assist in the development and growth of the program to positively impact hundreds of Native youth and young adults. Outside of work, Chas can be found scaling tall rock faces, falling off his mountain bike, tying his fly fishing line into knots, or just generally enjoying the out-of-doors with his trusty mutt, Zia.


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