Timeshare Resale Rental not only meets our clients’ expectations, we pride ourselves on exceeding them.


When it comes to choosing a timeshare resale company, there’s only one factor you should consider: How efficiently and effectively will your needs be served? And when it comes to efficient and effective service, Timeshare Resale Rental not only meets our clients’ expectations, we pride ourselves on exceeding them.

Time Share Resales By Owner

Timeshare-Resale-Rental built its reputation as a leader and innovator in the timeshare industry on one simple premise: Sellers cannot be successful without buyers, and buyers’ demands cannot be met without sellers. Unlike some of our competitors who focus on one consumer group at the expense of the other, we view the resale time share marketplace holistically. During our tenure, we have continually refined our services in order to benefit buyers and sellers equally.

One simple, no-pressure conversation with one of our advertising or customer service representatives and it’s easy to see that we are a company here to help and here to get the job done.

For time share resale sellers, we offer effective, low-cost advertising. To advertise on our high-traffic website sellers pay a one-time advertising cost. We require absolutely no appraisals to sell resale timeshares and your ad never expires. Some of our competitors charge extraneous fees for unneeded services like a comparative market analysis (CMA), or they will put a time limit on how long you have to advertise your timeshare before you must pay an additional fee. We do no such thing. Instead, we put our clients first because what is good for you is ultimately good for us.

Our low-cost advertising not only benefits sellers, but also resale timeshare buyers. Because our advertisers are not weighed down by outrageous fees, they are free to price their time shares according to the fair market value of the vacation property. This is why we are able to offer such an extensive inventory of timeshare resales by owner at up to 70% off resort pricing – an undeniable plus for our timeshare resale buyers.

Our simple business model has a proven track record of success for both sellers and buyers of timeshare resales, as well as for Timeshare Resale Rental, but we feel there is always room for improvement. With that guiding principal in mind (and to provide the best service out of all the timeshare resale companies out there!), we are constantly adding new services to make the time share resale process smoother for all parties.

Although we firmly believe that time share resales by owner are the best thing to happen to the timeshare industry since it’s creation in the 1960s, we also believe in providing services that appeal to all potential timeshare owners and sellers. As such, we have partnered with a licensed timeshare broker service so that our clients who do not with to sell or buy resale time share on their own can enjoy the many advantages of working with a broker.Timeshare brokers can help buyers find property that fits their price range, they can help sellers connect with qualified buyers and they can help both parties negotiate the final price of the sale.

Timeshare Resale Rental: Connecting Sellers And Buyers

When it comes to resale timeshares, you need to be sure you are working with the right timeshare resale company. Timeshare-Resale-Rental.com developed its reputation and became one of the top timeshare resale companies by acquiring the trust of time share resale buyers and sellers, not by making unfounded claims to success. Having our professional personnel on your side is the best way to be sure the job gets done and it gets done well. Whether you want to sell resale timeshare or buy timeshare resales, we are here to help you every step of the way.

TIMESHARE RESALE SELLERS, call (877) 204-0883 to speak to an advertising representative or take advantage of our complimentary Market Survey, to determine the market value of your resale time share.

TIMESHARE RESALE BUYERS, search our inventory of timeshare resales by owner for the perfect vacation property – view all timeshares for sale! Or call us today to learn more about the benefits of vacation ownership!

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