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Reliance Foundry is a leading supplier of architectural site furnishings that assist in trail delineation, access restriction, and pathway lighting.


Reliance Foundry products include a range of changing-access, solar-powered, and landscaping bollards that can be used to enhance trails and pathways. Reliance Foundry also provides several options for secure bike parking and hardscape (tree grates, trench grates, and more). Customers can choose from a wide selection of styles and materials to find something that will be aesthetically pleasing and durable in any environment.

Changing Access Bollards

Reliance Foundry offers decorative metal bollards that can be adjusted or removed to restrict or give access to pathways and trails. There are three common types:

  • Removable bollards can be locked in place to restrict access and guide traffic. They can also be unlocked and removed entirely, allowing access.
  • Fold-down bollards can be locked upright, or folded down and locked in a prone position to allow access. They do not require additional storage space.
  • Retractable bollards can be fully extended and locked, or they can retract to provide access. Retracted bollards are flush with the ground to not be a tripping hazard, and do not require additional storage space.

Changing access bollards are an ideal solution for preventing public vehicle access at trail entranceways. However, if an emergency or maintenance vehicle requires entrance, these bollards can be easily removed or retracted to allow temporary access.

Reliance Foundry stocks a wide variety of changing-access bollard styles. Specialized bollard mounting hardware is also available to allow the use of traditional or decorative bollards as a collapsible or removable bollard.

Solar Bollard Lights

Reliance Foundry’s solar-powered lighting bollards are ideal for trails and pathways. The solar lights adapt to changing weather patterns to conserve stored energy, maintaining optimal lighting for consistent safety.

The solar bollard lights are completely self-contained, and do not require installing any wiring. The lighting distribution can be selected to provide maximum path visibility. Composed of ductile iron and high-grade polycarbonate, solar-powered lighting bollards by Reliance Foundry have undergone rigorous testing to demonstrate their resistance to vandalism and weather conditions, including extreme storms.

Secure Bike Parking Solutions

Secure bike parking is an essential component of every park. Bike racks and bike bollards increase accessibility to trails and pathways without promoting vehicle use. Bike parking options are also helpful to place in front of trails that are not appropriate for cycling.

Reliance Foundry offers a wide selection of bike racks and bike bollards with simple installation. They hold from two to seven bikes, and can be installed in series to increase capacity. All bicycle racks are made from stainless steel or powder-coated standard steel to protect against the elements.

Decorative Landscaping Bollards

Bollards can provide both visual and physical barriers to protect habitats from users wandering off the path, and to prevent vehicles from entering trails.

Reliance Foundry offers a variety of materials and styles of decorative landscaping bollards to complement any landscape. All bollards are made to require little to no maintenance, and resist harsh weather conditions. Decorative chains can also be installed between bollards to deter pedestrian access to sensitive areas.


Reliance Foundry offers hardscape products that can integrate functionality and security into your environment. They supply durable tree grates and trench grates blend into your environment to manage drainage in all applications; their ADA-compliant detectable warning plates can enhance your space with accessibility and safety. Made of high-quality cast iron, Reliance Foundry hardscape products are designed to be visually appealing and long lasting.




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