iZone Imaging

iZone Imaging is the trusted partner in providing durable signage and graphics from the only completely in-house manufacturing facility dedicated to producing CHPL (Custom High Pressure Laminate) products. Experience the truly best products, service and delivery available only from us.


Our In-House capabilities allow us to offer the quickest delivery times in the industry, in emergencies… just days, with unmatched quality control.

  • Providing us the exclusive capability of producing a true double sided panel, nothing is attached, glued or mechanically fastened. It is one piece.
  • Our products have always been made in the USA, and centrally located in Texas from the very beginning.
  • Our single manufacturing plant, housing our thermal press, is 50,000 square feet, which you can see on Google Earth or come visit for yourself.
  • We focus on printing and pressing the highest quality products and delivering them in the shortest time. Offering the highest resolution and best quality imagery that lives up to our 10 year warranty.
  • Our 10 year warranty has never been Pro-Rated, so you won’t ever have to pay for our mistake or be rejected for lack of proper maintenance.
  • We consistently test our products at an independent laboratory to ensure our CHPL lives up to its promises.
  • We offer the widest range of CHPL mounting solutions available and customization is no challenge.
  • We are consistent supporters of the associations that improve our understanding of our related professions and markets they serve.



iZone Imaging

2526 Charter Oak Dr. Suite 100
Temple, Texas 76502
(888) 464-9663
Fax: (254) 778-0938
[email protected]


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