Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands provides online courses and onsite programs designed for those in the parks, recreation and tourism professions.


The e-Courses listed below offer continuing education through the convenience and flexibility of the Internet.

  • Universal Design: An introduction to the concept of Universal Design, the creation of structures and programs that can be used by all people.
  • Working as a Park Board Member: The importance of park and recreation boards, how the board originates and functions, and how it is structured and governed.
  • Being Effective Working as a Park Board Member: What one needs to know to be an active participant in a board, and how to work cooperatively on behalf of the community.
  • Understanding American Wilderness: The evolution of the wilderness idea beginning with the early history and philosophy of the wilderness concept.
  • Foundations of Interpretation: This introductory course provides a basic understanding of the theory and practice of interpretation concepts.
  • Informal Visitor Contacts: Informal visitor contacts are key to providing enjoyable visitor experiences. They provide the most personalized service in a park.
  • Interpretive Talk: The Interpretive Talk is purposefully designed and delivered to provide visitors the chance to connect to what the site means to them.
  • Training and Coaching Interpreters: Interpretive trainers and coaches support interpreters in connecting people to parks. Trainers and coaches amplify their impact and enhance visitor experiences.

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