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Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

Coconino County Parks and Recreation

July 27, 2021
The Assistant Parks & Recreation Director necessitates an understanding and ability to lead a broad range of parks and recreation service areas.

Categories: Management and SupervisoryPlanning

Trail Stewardship Leaders

Colorado Mountain Club

July 19, 2021
Colorado Mountain Club is accepting applications for Trail Stewardship Leaders. Applicants should have a strong desire to actively engage in a field-based, conservation program that will train, challenge and support participants’ growth and development in their pursuit of meaningful careers in the conservation field.

Categories: TrailbuildingManagement and SupervisorySeasonal

KTA Executive Director Position

Keystone Trails Association

July 15, 2021
The Executive Director is the key management leader of Keystone Trails Association. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization.

Categories: Management and Supervisory

Leaders of Color Crew Member

Southwest Conservation Corps (Los Valles Office)

July 12, 2021
As a member of Southwest Conservation Corp’s Leaders of Color crew, you will engage in a variety of conservation projects while building a crew community of members who are Black, Indigenous, and/or People of color.

Categories: TrailbuildingManagement and SupervisorySeasonal

Operations Coordinator

Friends of the Riverfront

July 01, 2021
Friends of the Riverfront’s Operations Coordinator supports all aspects of the organization’s work by ensuring the smooth operation of organizational systems.

Categories: Management and Supervisory