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Trails Program Manager

Natural Areas Conservancy

March 31, 2020
New York City Parks contains more than 325 miles of trails within its 10,000 acres of natural areas parkland. These hiking trails provide a means for New Yorkers to connect to nature in their public parks, but many of these trails are unmarked and difficult to navigate. The NAC trails team works in close partnership with NYC Parks staff to conduct trail improvement projects that increase access to NYC’s natural areas, while also mitigating erosion and fragmentation to the natural areas in order to increase the health of our forests and wetlands.

Categories: ManagementConservation

Community Planner

Federal Highway Administration

March 30, 2020
This position is for RECENT GRADUATES. For additional information regarding the Recent Graduates program visit:

Categories: ManagementConservationPlanning

District 5 Seasonal Trails Coordinator

Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation

March 06, 2020
The Trails Coordinator will work with other District staff to manage recreational trails and other infrastructure such as bridges, gates, parking areas, vistas, signs, kiosks, shelters, and boundaries. The Trails Coordinator plans, develops, and coordinates trail maintenance and development projects, and supervises and monitors in-house, contracted, and volunteer trail crews. Duties are performed under the general direction of the Forest Recreation Specialist, but with need for significant independence interacting with the public and outside service providers.

Categories: ManagementSeasonalConservation

Executive Director

Florida Trail Association

March 04, 2020
The Executive Director (ED) of the FTA is responsible for the supervision and oversight of the organization. The ED will plan, direct, administer and evaluate all components of FTA programs, as well as, regularly assess and communicate with all staff members and volunteers. The ED will work cooperatively with the USFS and other state and local government entities and partners to secure additional resources for the FTA.

Categories: ManagementConservation

Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader Positions Available!

Boulder County Youth Corps

February 01, 2020
The Boulder County Youth Corps is now hiring Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders! Leaders will be employed from June 3 to August 7 to work up to 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday.

Categories: TrailbuildingManagementSeasonalConservation

Crew Leader

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

January 15, 2020
VYCC is seeking Crew Leaders who can inspire the next generation of world changers. Leaders unite a crew of youth or young adults across their differences, coaching out of comfort zones to learn new skills and grow as individuals.

Categories: Conservation

Summer Crew Member - Los Valles

Southwest Conservation Corps

January 14, 2020
As an AmeriCorps program participant with the Southwest Conservation Corps, your office is the great outdoors!

Categories: SeasonalConservation

Women's Saw Crew Member - Los Valles

Southwest Conservation Corps

January 14, 2020
As a member with Southwest Conservation Corp’s Women’s Saw Crew you will be using chainsaws, crosscut saws, and other trails tools to complete a variety of conservation projects.

Categories: SeasonalConservation

Great Sand Dunes National Park Crew Member - Los Valles

Southwest Conservation Corps

January 14, 2020
The Great Sand Dunes National Park (GSDNP) is home to the tallest sand dunes in North America, all set against the dramatic backdrop of the Sangre De Cristo mountains of southern Colorado. As a member on the GSDNP Crew this will be your office as you assist park staff with a large variety of conservation and preservation projects.

Categories: SeasonalConservation

14er's Conservation Crew Member - Los Valles

Southwest Conservation Corps

January 14, 2020
Colorado is know for its soaring peaks, and none are more famous than those that rise over 14,000 ft in elevation, often referred to as 14ers. As an AmeriCorps participant of one of the Southwest Conservation Corps ‘14er’ crews, your office will be the high alpine environment on the slopes of one of these peaks.

Categories: SeasonalConservation